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Cambelt Change


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Yes, you need a few special tools and a tool to tune the belts to the right frequency. First you need to buy the service manual which contains all the information you need. However, then the tools, be advised this is a high risk job. If you should make a mistake you could bend many valves. Many "Lotus Shops" have done it wrong and caused much damage. Find someone in your area who has done it or paid to have it done and hook up!

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While it is possible to do the job without special tools, it is unwise to do so.


You need:

1.  Four "setting pins" to lock the camshafts plus four "checking pins".  The "pins" are four rods that locate through a cam bearing into holes in each cam.  The setting pins have a slightly larger od than the checking pins.

2.  The tool to lock the crankshaft.

3.  The pins and locking tool are used when the cam belts are fitted.

4.  A protractor that is mounted to the crankshaft.  This identifies when belts are in the correct position for their tension to be checked.  A paper one is available from the LEW site.  Later V8's, I think, had marked crankshaft pulley wheels.

5.  A torque wrench to tighten the idler wheels, as well as cam wheels etc.

6.  A device to check belt tension.  The device is sonic-based i.e. it records the frequency of belts.  You hit the belts and see the response.  There is a purpose-built tool but it is possible to use any sonic-recorder on a lap-top.

7.  Locking compound for the various bolts.

8.  Patience and meticulous checking.

It's tricky enough with the engine out.  While possible, it's trickier still with the engine in situ.

Good luck.

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Hi All

Just picking up on this thread can anyone recommend a garage or individual in Norfolk for a cambelt change. Have been quoted £1300 by Stratton Motors but was hoping for £1000 or less. The parts inc the idlers and serpentine belt are £650 and £100 for the setting pins if I do it myself. 


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You'd get 10% off that as a Full Forum Member - 


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Hi, I've changed the belts on my V8 twice, both times with the engine in the car. Bought the lotus items for setting the tension pulleys and crankshaft. Used correct sized drill blanks (for measuring the size of a drilled hole) and an after market frequency gauge. Its a straight forward job. Having the tools allows the belt tension to be checked annually too.


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Thanks, I'm happy to have a go, I've rebuilt two 910 engines before it was just time and convenience this time. Pnm will supply the tools or could use drills as mentioned. Which frequency gauge did you use, there are a couple of posts that say an iPhone app or laptop can do the measurements. 

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