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2zrfe track preparations?

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They a great on the track but take care not to rush your gear selection. The 2ZZGE is vulnerable to being over-revved or 'buzzed'. While it can handle 8500 all day long you don't want to see it revved past the limiter by forcing the engine to take 3rd when you were going for 5th or 4th when going for 6th for example. Also be careful on downshifts which are more likely to go wrong as you're under added pressure trying to get the car stopped if you're braking late.

All cars are vulnerable to this to varying degrees but it is a known 2ZZGE watch out, not helped if your gear linkage isn't precise. If you have a big one an engine rebuild is very likely.

Great engines though, take your time to know the car and the track, build up speed gradually and you'll have a blast!

Sorry! Edited to add that I've woken up a bit more now and noticed you meant the 2ZRFE. Same basic rules apply. They might be slighly more robust to over-revving, don't honestly know, but it's never a good idea with any engine. I have heard of some problems to do with an oil seal around the dipstick or something. We have some owners on here that will be along soon.

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You need to get rid of the factory header - it's a 35mm diameter piece of junk.

We've developed this stepped 4-1 design - very good power AND torque gains. Too big on the bore and you're losing that amazing torque. You won't achieve the same ultimate gains as you can from the 2ZZ-GE but we're working with Komo-tec to bring out some ECU tuning to optimise the fuelling/timing etc. We're the only manufacturer offering a Re-Pack race system for these cars. They are VERY hard on their catalysers and if you're running on track, I'd advise removing it altogether.


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Thank you 2bular!

Im guessing you missed my introduction, I dont own a Lotus...I swapped a 2zrfe into my Yaris. 

The reason I joined this forum is because none of the corolla or Xd guys go to the track, and I see you guys at every event. 

I am having RPM make me a long tube header as we speak.

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