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Dismantle turbo in situ?

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I have decided I need to do something about my turbo. There is a lot of end float on the bearings and oil is leaking.

To avoid broken studs and other unpleasantness on the exhaust side I was wondering if its possible to remove the compressor side and leave the exhaust side in place?

Either by removing the compressor housing from the bearing assy first or removing the compressor and bearing assembly as one from the turbine housing?

Looking at it, I am not sure if there is enough clearance between the compressor housing and the bellhousing to pull it across enough to clear the shaft though, anyone tried this? 

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I had a look at this today and I am pretty sure this approach would work, remove the scroll of the compressor first, then the bearing/rotor assembly from the exhaust turbine housing.

What I would have then done is get the bearing/rotor reconditioned by a specialist and balanced.

But: I have aborted this project because the bolts securing the bearing assy to the exhaust turbine I can tell just by looking at them will not come out without snapping off, they are too rusty. So the turbo will have to live on for now.

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Yes....they can readily snap! I had my heart in my mouth back in the mists of time when I rebuilt my turbo...but, amazingly, I got away with it. The turbo comes off the adaptor quite readily...although even those M10 bolts can snap off too...! All these things are better done on a clean bench with a vice and no access problems. Once I'm properly awake I shall be spannering in the workshop undoing bits prior to pulling the lump's been in and out regularly enough that everything undoes. First time is a far as bolts and those awful aluminium threaded things are concerned...snap....snap...snap......

Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been." - Albert Einstein

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