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I guys, sorry for the supid question as I have rebuilt a gearbox so I'm feeling stupid....

I want to replace the white plastic bushes on each side of the pedal box, the acceleratore bushes but I can't understand how to remove them..

They are square/round on each end and I think is just a matter of twist hem in the hole to block them or what?



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To be honest I had the pedal box powder coated.. I think my friend took them out before he did the job, but no clue how :)

And this was around 3 years ago ! :D  I really need to finish this car!

But exchange rates are a killer right now .. everything from the UK is working out at double the price! 


Vin Taylor

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I had the tanks made in Alloy here in Malta.

Wasn't worth the cost for shipping etc.. Total cost was €750 for both 

I also need a windscreen - But waiting till I have the final garage for it to go in.

I'm still holding off on a stainless manifold, might be cheaper to have made locally too.



Vin Taylor

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I'll let you know what mine works out at as I will have it done later this year.

Waiting for some prices on last parts for the engine and then I'll work on the radiator and gearbox.

Did you buy parts from Harry ?  What are prices like?

Vin Taylor

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