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Wow - That's a little bit nice.  What's the history of the car ?


Narrandera - plenty of lovely Autumn drives then.

Simon  (94 S4)      My Esprit will be for sale in late 2017

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It's all been a bit of a rush simon !  I had a Porsche 911 (964) that sold pretty quickly - so needed a new toy.  Was looking for something different and something that (I hoped) would appreciate in value.   The Esprit seemed a pretty good choice and of course, being a Bond fan, the choice made itself !   There was only four available for sale when I looked - two stevens and two g cars.  I went for this one as it had been well sorted to the best of my knowledge.  History is that it went from England to Hong Kong (not sure of what year) where the owner had started to restore the car.  He lost interest in it and it was imported as a 'do it upper' into Perth WA in 2003.  It was purchased from a Car yard whom had imported it shortly after by a guy in Perth whom has had it ever since.  He rebuilt the motor, gearbox and lots of other things.  It is pretty ordinary cosmetically.  The paint is Jupiter Red, but from anywhere closer than three metres looks ok - up close it's horrible !   No problem there as I was a panel beater/spray painter in a previous life - so that will get fixed up soon enough. 

I have only had really one weekend 'alone' with the car to go through things and of course, everything is a huge learning curve.  The first of which is the gear change - which i have other threads open on right now trying to sort.

The interior was half redone as well.  Seats are good - carpet, roof lining etc done - but looks like done on the cheap - so will re do those as well.

Driving it is a little different that is for sure.   Like the Porsche, the speedo is way out, feels the bumps in the road, can't see out the back and you get nervous backing up the car into a car spot!  My 911 was an auto ( :( ) so I am really enjoying a manual sports car.

Anyhow, lots of plans and enough to keep me going for a while anyway !

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