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IWM Duxford Spring Car Show - Sunday 1st May


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56 minutes ago, OwenGT3 said:

I was measuring from my house, door to door. We didn't leave Thickthorn until 8.20 am, although I got within ten minutes of the event, I was around for a while to know there was a big queue some time later as I was talking with the Pistonheads display group meeting at the McDonalds where I was waiting for my recovery truck!

Oh, I see -  thought it strange there would be such a difference between Earth & Maps.

I virtually drove straight in ... I see from the receipt I paid for petrol in Sudbury at 10:38 and had a nice run on the A1092, A1017.  Top down, sun shining but heater on as still a bit chilly. Got on the A505 and started overtaking a lot of old Mercedes saloons and realized there was a convoy going on. Got past all but 3 before the road became single lane past Duxford Main Entrance and needing to find the Car Club entrance to Duxford I cruised along behind the Merc's and they turned in too.

Front Mercedes stopped just inside to unload a passenger who got a video camera out, (thought I was in a time warp), and started shooting. Gave me a dirty look when he saw an M100 Elan corrupting the line of Merc's so I pulled out and drove straight up to a pay kiosk. Probably about 11:15 / 11:30 ??

Sorry about your problem. That's one heck of a puncture!


Phil           Leave me alone I know what to do - I think. 

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1 hour ago, Barrykearley said:

Tell me it was just a tyre on that lovely v8

Yes it was just a blown tyre, nothing else wrong. I got the feeling on the way home everyone would be looking at the Lotus on the truck thinking, typical Lotus always breaking down, when in fact it was just a tyre blown and nothing to do with the car mechanics.

Sorry to disappoint, it is as been mentioned a GT3, I just like the late V8 look, although not going as far as to add arch extensions, this is it for external modifications. I might remove the rear spoiler as well.

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1 minute ago, Barrykearley said:

Stand corrected - didn't notice the missing arches at first glance.

glad it was just a tyre - hope you get that sorted swiftly

Tyres have been ordered, fitting Thursday, Exhaust being finished off on Friday, back to normal by weekend. Have got to get some new front discs though.

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A huge thank you to all who came along on Sunday. It makes all the effort worthwhile when you get such a good turn out :) and a special thank you to Bibs for taking time out of his busy schedule to pop along and see us again this year. Hopefully you all had a good time and please be sure to put this in the calendar for next year.

Martyn :) 

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Great day, and it didn't rain! Thanks for letting me park my Jap car with the Lotus's,, Lexus/Lotus sounds about the same anyway!

Infact, if I can't get the rear caliper rebuilt unseized and back on the Lotus soon the Lexus will have to step in at Brooklands! Reckon will put it in the concours with those sparkling disco wheels!!


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