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DAB Aerial / Elise S2

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Hi All

In the process of fitting an Alpine DAB aerial to my elise (S2 airbag dash) and require a ground close to the windscreen perimeter?

My first thought was to put the aerial in the rear window however there is not sufficient height when aligning the aerial vertically like instructed. My second thought was to remove the A pillar trim however on closer inspection this seems to be a single piece around the whole screen and not very removable?? So now I'm wondering if i can position the aerial box lower down the screen and sneak the copper earth strap under dash? Has anyone alreadydone similar or can advise how easy the dash is to remove? Is the side piece of dash containing the start button and light controls simply a case of removing the 2 screws?


Any help would be appreciated : )


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The aerial ideally needs to be on the front windscreen about half way up on the left side . If you don't have an earth for it there simple and easy fix either a small wire to ground or pri stick and a strip of tinfoil will work the same 

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