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Feb 2016 - Best Evora Battery Replacement


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If charged and isolated such that there is no charge being drawn from them then Lithium batteries will hold charge for a long time and don't need a trickle charger.

If it isn't isolated and the car is drawing current for the clock, alarm and so on, then it is arguably even more important that you get an appropriate Lithium battery charger/mantainer. I'd say it's more important because the value of the battery is much more than a standard battery and the capacity is lower.

I have a Lithium battery in my Evora and don't leave it for more than two or three days without putting it on the maintainer. I went for the Optimate Lithium as it seemed about as good as they get and was recommended by a couple of the Lithium battery manufacturers.

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@Danelaw is precisely right. Lithium batteries are great and I deal with them in film all the time (most cameras use them), but they aren't perfect. Their voltage tends to drop off a cliff when they get low, so good to keep it topped up if parking it for more than a week or so I'd say.

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1 minute ago, trcm said:

Lithium batteries also struggle in the cold (below about 4C), something to bear in mind...

This is true, but I'm told a standard technique for very cold weather is to put your lights on for a short time and the less severe current flow is apparently quite effective at warming the battery ready for the draw of the starter motor.

I've not yet had to do this myself, and I find it goes against what I was taught as a 17-year old to start the car before putting any other drains on the lead-acid battery. In my case I went for a slightly over-specified Lithium battery such that I should have a bit of current in reserve for the colder weather starts.

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How long should the varta batteries last if kept on a tender and looked after?

Alos, if s battery dies a few times but is hooked up to a tender/conditioner has it effectively had it?

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On 25/03/2017 at 10:02, mawheele said:

For those with a 410, is it just a different battery or is the cabling configuration also changed? Which OEM battery have they put in? Any photos? I'm interested in why this is a £1k option.


For OEM fitment you'll need the latest battery tray to fit the SuperB battery. You'll also need the link harness, battery cage/bracket and the SuperB control unit. This is arrangement is attached to the SuperB battery so interchangeable with the standard battery. You will also need a special battery tender for the Li-ion battery.

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