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Evora Sport 410

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Is that a wide angle lens you've used, are are they putting even more cheese on the cheesy chilli chips these days?


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On 11/07/2018 at 16:51, jonnyboy said:

See how you get on when do you come up for it? 

It’s currently at Leeds for its service. During the software update the ECU became corrupt. No idea how, but they are sourcing a new one from Lotus. 

I was supposed to collect tomorrow but this has delayed things a little. Now looking at getting the car transported once ready (can’t take any other days off in the coming weeks) and the dealer is looking at arranging this as a goodwill gesture  

So, a long way of saying I won’t be popping over to see you on my way down, instead I’ll see you at the next meet I’m sure :) 

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So, the update from Leeds Lotus - they've sent the ECU to Lotus HQ who will be looking at it next week at the earliest. They are looking to fix the ECU instead of sending a new one. Frustratingly I was hoping for everything to get sorted this week, but I guess it's better to have this sorted now and not when I have the car. On the plus side, the dealer (Alexanders Prestige, who have been great in all of this), are delivering the car for free. V

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