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Upgrading the V8 Lights to LED

The 6" Headlight can easily be replaced with 2 x 5 3/4 unit per side as in the end the holes in the plastic surround are both the same size anyway. My original lights just looked tired, starting to peel inside and the 6" is simply not available. I looked around and no-one really offered a LED kit.... since I did this, 20 min later I seem to find PNM do and posted on facebook.... ah...


To do this I selected 4nos 5 3/4 headlights from Ebay. These are very common now targetted at Harley Bikes


Secondly I carefully removed and cleaned the screws from the Cibie lights. These have a release clip and are 1/4 turn to pop out. They fit directly back into the new headlight stainelss mounting.


Used the two DXF attached to get 2off Each headlight surround ring. Think they cut them from 0.9 as it was best size


Used four plastic headlight surround rings from Shapeways that I designed. They can be bought, or I have attached the STL file if you want to do it direct. This at the end proved really nice, as it finshes off the light within the original surround.


Use the stainless surround to marker the original mount plate. (Photo Attached) The newer lamps are not tapering to the rear so need additional clearance. I used a standard jigsaw once the circle was marked out.


Now I refixed the headlight to the pod, and used it as a guide to cut the fibreglass.


Sandwich the headlight in the plastic surround and stainless bezel. I put two blobs of silicone on when doing so, to properly trap. Rivet together.


On the electrics side one headlight (outside) will plug straight in, the second light will require a plug adding to the harness end (H4 Type)

Red - Common

Yellow - Side

Blue - Main

But on my V8 the dip was outside and it switched off and onto inside lights, yet now I had two units capable of both dip and main beam per side. So I did some wiring mods. On main beam I checked the ones I bought at 2A, so wired both main beams together and even then is less than a 55W halogen (4.5A @ 12v)


Fit the lights and setup.



Headlight Plates - Headlight In Qty2 1mm SS.DXF

Headlight Plates - Headlight Out Qty2 1mm SS.DXF

Headlight Surround Ring.STL





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8 hours ago, swindon_alan said:

Nice conversion! But are they bright enough? I'm dubious that LED technology has developed enough to beat hi-white halogens. Mr Kearley would stick HIDS in them...

Assuming MOT is ok, wired the 2 x mains together each side anyway... which before it was one on dip and changed to centre for main. Lotus had a wire back to the relay unterminated for second main, it is even on drawing. I read something to do with 55W max is legislation, so I guess it was option for export models if they later decided ?!

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