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2011 Elise CR advice


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Hi all,

I'm new to this section of the forum and was after some advice.  After 6 months or so of looking for the right Evora to fill a hole left by a series 1 Elise I sold in 2000, I decided to give the Elise another go.

Today I test drove a 2011 club racer and really enjoyed it.  Is there anything in particular I need to look out for when buying one of these?

I noticed the gear change from 2nd to 3rd was a little tricky to execute well but other than that the car seemed good.  Is this a common issue?  This could well be that since moving from the UK I've had very little practice changing gear with my right arm.


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The Toyota lump is very reliable and cheap to maintain, just check the suspension mounting points for accident damage really. 

Lovely cars, I reviewed one here -


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No gear change (or any other) problems with my CR S over 1.5K miles and one track day. Left to right arm switch deserves a decent amount of familiarisation, I would think. Try other vehicles re that?

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I have an S CR. The gear change has been adjusted a few times under warranty and each time it gets that little bit better. It's all minor really though.

I would suggest the one you test drove just needed adjusting.

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41 minutes ago, Zbe said:

Collecting the CR tomorrow :)

Awesome news!  Congrats. 

A very non-male question but what colour is it?  Just looking for a fellow toxic green-er!

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3 minutes ago, Zbe said:

Sky blue, the 2nd one on my shortlist was the same colour as yours but my wife vetoed it.

Sky blue looks fantastic - congrats again. 

My wife tried to veto Toxic Green until she saw it.  She then, reluctantly, agreed that it did look pretty smart

One concern I had when I got mine was whether the minimalist seats would prove uncomfortable over time.  To reassure you, I drove 2,500 miles in 5 days in mine, and they were absolutely perfect!

Enjoy tomorrow - I'm sure you will.

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Thanks, I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Its funny but my series one was the only car I've driven that didn't give me a bad back after a long drive.  From the test drive this felt fairly similar.


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