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Distributor with no Centrifugal Advance ?


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i am working on a 1986 lotus esprit turbo for a friend.  the timing was way off so i pulled the dis to see how everything looks and i see it has no weights or springs in it. and the rotor cap has no movement (it is locked with the shaft)

so i wanted to ask, just to be sure i am thinking right,  should it have a centrefercal advance? or is this correct for the car.

if it does need the weights and springs does anyone know where i can find them? i have not found anyone that sells them only the whole distributor

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Welcome to TLF Brian. :welcome:

Can't help you with your question on the distributor. The guys in the UK will be along shortly. One of them will definitely know the answer.

You should duck over to the Introductions area and say hi in there as well.

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

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The service notes list all the engine variants including Federal and all have centrifugal advance figures so this does not sound correct at all. Is it possible the weights etc are there but seized up? they are not very visible, located under the top plate.

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Many moons ago, I did hear of people brazing up the distributor weights on small block Chevys, thereby locking it at full advance. But that was for race engines, and I've never seen a distributor without mechanical advance, vacuum assisted or not.

Margate Exotics.

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it is the lucas 45d distributor, i took it apart and there are know weights or springs in it at all. it appears that the top plats and bottom plate are riveted together and it looks like it came that way, which is why i wanted to ask on here to be sure. and it is still on the stock ignition setup.

i will take some pictures and post them up

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The Service Notes state domestic turbo had 43D and Federal DM4. My car has a 43D. Sounds like it has been replaced at some point.

Even a  45D would normally have weights though.

What ignition does it have?

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thanks for all the help,

i got the correct dis (45d), with the correct centrifugal advance  and i put the pertronix ignitor that the owner had in it.

my question now is,

the owner did not have the amplifier hooked up with the pertronix. when i asked him he said that it had never been hooked up.

so is this correct for the pertronix? or would it run better with the amplifier also?


it runs great when hot but does not like to run cold (stumbles and misses alot) so still need to figure that out

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