I have now had my MY11 Evora S for nearly a year and we all know what wonderful cars they are. I have done a few, minor interior mods (steering wheel, gear knob & gator) to help match the interior to the SR exterior. However, it's now time to do some more significant mods in order to get the V6 breathing more easily. My long term intention is to update the airflow, all the way from the intake, through the manifolds, cats and then out of the backbox/silencer. I intend to try and run a powercheck before each section is added, in order to serve as some sort of reference to which mods actually help with the power delivery and which are more, er, 'cosmetic'. So, with this in mind, this box arrived a few days ago:   The contents are currently being fitted so, hopefully, I will be able to pick up my car later today. However, here is a little teaser as to it's contents: