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Yes looks really nice. I went to view the yellow £30k, 30k miles car but it had already sold (in less than a week). As a result I put a deposit down on something else (non-Lotus) so missed my chance to get back into a V8 Esprit. If I hadn't I'd be off to look at this one. Looks keenly priced to me in the current climate, V8s have done really well in the past few years despite all the talk on forums of everyone preferring the 4 cyl cars! I much prefer the boomerang interior with boost guage too so would only want an early V8, Azure blue is really nice, love the monobloc wheels too.

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Seriously, that combo is killer. I regularly kick myself for not buying one like it back in France 2 years ago. That one was midnight blue too...*droooool*

Jonny, too bad you're in the wrong country, I'm sure you'd enjoy my V8. 

I'm happy values are going up. It's going to help me when a Sport 300 inevitably comes out of hiding....

Albeit I'd argue the largest rise in values has been among the 4-pots. They used to be cheap as chips just 2 years ago. Hell the average Turbo SE is becoming prohibitive (I'm eyeballing a 26000km Highwing in Italy right now...waiting on pics.)

I'm considering "repatriating" my 1991 SE back to the UK as I believe it'll be more appreciated there. 

Vanya Stanisavljevic '91 Esprit SE | '97 XK8

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