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Evora Door glass alignment.

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So, I've taken my 6 month old Evora to my local dealer to sort out the wet foot well problem. They dismounted the drivers door interior trim and fitted a new seal at the top edge of the door. Fine...But... on the drive home, I noticed that the wind noise coming from the drivers side window was tremendous, it had always been pretty quiet before. Taking a look at things at home, I can see that there is a very serious misalignment of the drivers window, the front of the window is noticeably lower than the back when the glass is in the raised position, so it doesn't fit against the A pillar seals, in fact I can push my finger into the space between the glass and the seal!.  Does anyone have any information on the adjustment procedure, so the garage can be shown how the job should be done?  I'm also pissed off, as on opening the door I also notice that on the door trim, near the door hinge, there is now a screw missing and two screw covers missing. Frankly I think it's pretty crap workmanship. This is a new dealer and I suspect that my Evora is the only one they have ever worked on. If I can't get this resolved, I'll bring the car up to the UK and have Lotus Fix it.......

Bibs, Is there any way to return a car to Lotus for water leak problems to be resolved? I understand they have a rain booth for testing the cars.

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It's called a Monsoon Test and it one of the last things they do to the car. I'll have a word on Monday and see what they can do during the production process.

Which dealer did you use for the warranty work?

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Hi Bibs. I've used a dealer called Automare, at Marina di Carrara in Italy. I bought the car new from Hexagon last June. I think the problem is due to the dealers inexperience in working on the Evora. having said that, returning the car with the window very obviously misaligned and trim mounting screws missing is just poor workmanship.  I'm sure a UK dealer with substantial experience would have little problem fixing this, but for the leaking problem, the car would be better off going back to the Factory. This sort of thing should have been resolved before the car went out of the gates.   

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Many thanks for all your advice. I'm taking the car back to my local dealer in Carrara to be looked at tomorrow. I'm hoping they will get the door glass alignment fixed and find the missing trim screws. If not, I'll get it sorted out when the car comes up to the UK again. I haven't yet been able to see if the carpets are still getting wet, we haven't had enough rain as yet! 

Bibs, very many thanks for your input, contact has been made where it counts. Many thanks!

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OK, so I took the car back in this morning and the work has all now been done. The glass has been adjusted and the wind noise is much less, although still noises than before. And, all the screws and covering caps have been put in place. I'll just have to wait for the next rainy day to see if the leaking has been fixed. Fingers are crossed!  Very many thank to all for your advice and help!

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