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Mark Wainwright

carpet advice, photos? carpet material?

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Hi guys, 

I`m considering redoing my carpet with some nice plush carpet, what is currently in there is a jigsaw of cheapo carpet, bits glued everywhere, so i`m considering redoing it, but i think i may attempt to do it differently to how lotus did, but as a starting frame of reference, does anyone have pictures of the footwells as they were originally trimmed?  is it separate pieces glued to the tunnel, firewall and kick areas, or is it one continuous piece? 

my thoughts are to attempt to assemble one complete piece for the entire front footwells and then also have the mat press studded over the top, so i was considering actually sewing carpet into a footwell shape, and having the same piece run up to the door seals, however, im unsure as to how to attach the carpet at the door frame to the sill, i`m not a fan of glue at all on the carpet.

theres also lots of small pieces of heavy tarred dense foam insulation stuck on the trans tunnel area and back of the footwell, is that standard?


anyone who has nice clear pictures of the stock carpet setup or custom i`d love to see (i have seen Charlie Crokers excellent retrorides thread, but looking for more)




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Tarred dense foam is old sound proofing !   Glue on carpets no problem is my thought as you get an excellent fit that does not move. !  just make sure your door seals etc

are all good and i cant see the problem, but if the car leaks its a bummer to dry them out thats the only downside in my view.  

Carpets can be had off ebay, you can buy it by the metre and ebay is very good for custom interior goods now. You will find a lot of the sellers are in the retrim buisness

themselves and have a wealth of knowledge and genrally willy to offer advice.

I would advise paper and cardboard templates and then sticth till your hearts content :P

sorry cant help with pic but im sure charliecroker etc and others can point you in the right direction:)

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Yes the soundproofing is totally standard.  If I remember correctly, it is even shown in the diagrams contained in parts manual.

I believe many parts of the original carpets were glued.  I bought a new set from SJ Sportcars, and that contained a lot of shaped bits, many of which you have no choice but to glue on - e.g. along the sides of the tunnel.

The main issue with making a set yourself is that you really need to  bind the edges of the drop-in mats, which needs a beefy sewing machine.   I made a set by hand, then bought the SJs set - seems to be 235 quid + VAT. currently. 

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