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@swindon_alan - you are one jammy sod...........

i reckon that quaife box and lsd was the reason your car pointed you the wrong way and threw you into a lamp post. I'd be getting that out damn quick if I were you - and as I'm a gent - I could swap it for you B-)

i kinda like the Sado masochistic comparison !!! 

Wish mine had had some love on it !!! Would save me a few quid now

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I've been back through Jeff's forum posts this evening and it is so interesting to understand all of my car's idiosyncrasies and explanations for why it is like it is.

One thing I did pick up on was his comment:

As an ex-directors car (They know which car I own)

- "they" as in Lotus. Which intrigues me greatly. Which director, I wonder? Well it was registered on 05/09/1996 and looking at the company records we have:


Does anyone know, or can take a guess?

PS original registration was P64 OAH

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42 minutes ago, oneshot said:

Mine was an ex-directors car and when I had the certificate of provenance from Lotus the letter told me who it was :)

Ooooh thanks Dave!

How do I go about getting one of those then?

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