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Spotlight relay

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My Eclat is part Mk1 and part Mk 2. It was much tinkered with by the factory when they kept unregistered for a year. One problem that I have is that I can't find the relays for the fog lights, an added complication is that I have retro fitted electric pop up lights which I think are a factory fix.

So can someone tell me where to look for this relay as the lights only work sometimes!

many thanks 


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I have been digging around and found some relays, perhaps you could help me eliminate some,

i have two under the RH offside headlight, I am on electric operated pop ups

i have some interesting wiring buried under left side of the drivers footwell against the radio, I think there is a relay in there, lamp failed in the  dark so can not be sure.

are these standard positions, the book is so little help.



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If your lights are as per factory spec, the relays under the pod are the lift relays - one for each motor.

There will also be another related relay behind the kickpanel to the right of the drivers feet. One of the relays on the right hand inner wing is your dip/main beam relay - the other being electric cooling fan and I can't remember off the top of my head what else is there.

Fog lights were only factory fit on selected cars, and I've never owned one that had them, but you could always just buy a 25A relay and block off ebay and wire another supply in - there is no real magic to 4 and 5 pin relays. Things can get a bit complicated when you have mroe pins and other circuits, but a simple on/off relay should be all that is required.


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