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Am I the only one who gets a page not found message when I try to look at the pictures?

Shame as I would really like to see your good work.


I used photobucket to post all of these,I use to use imageshack before but found my pictures kept disapearing from my main photo page and they changed their format.

Not sure If anyone else is getting the same problem?

I Hope you get it sorted, but I don't know what to suggest :o

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Here's another pic with the exhaust manifolds in place.The throttle bodies are off a motor bike but are very much still under construction, they are a little too tall so will have to be machined down

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Ok its been a while so I think its about time for another update.

First of all the results of the big weigh in.

I weighed all the bits separately so that when start improving it at a later date I

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Then the good news came from the machine shop that my other adaptor plate was ready to be picked up. This is the first adaptor plate I have ever designed and to be quite honest I am really proud of it.


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This is quite an impressive job, well done. I would love to hear it when it is all complete on one of the runs this year.

However, I am a little concerned you aren't keeping your mind on the job at hand, if you pardon the expression.


"endless chain drilling, filing, chiselling, blending, and brandishing my flexible shaft about with wild abandon"


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Thanks for all the nice comments guys :)

Si and Si, your more than welcome to pop over,just give me a shout.I think I've pm'ed you both my number before.

I'm pretty nifty in the tea making department


Yeah! I cant wait to hear it either, these engines are supposed to sound pretty awsome.Although one problem I might have is the fact that I bought a second hand Esprit V8 sports backbox from Stoneleigh last year thinking I'll just connect it with some pipe work to the exhaust manifolds.Since then I have found out that there is nothing inside it to dampen the noise down and as I'm not using any cats either means I'm basicaly running a straight through exhaust system. OOPS!

I'm not sure I understand the other comment?

I always thought that your flexible shaft was your best tool for grinding out a flange :)

M Blur

q - is that cermaic coating you've been using.?

I guess you mean the exhaust manifolds?

Its POR20 aluminium from Frost,the product number is P116.

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All looking very professional Andy, shame about the v8 box but i bet you put it on and hope its not to nosy anyway.

I ges being ready for Donington was a bit of a long shot, its all the fiddly little bits at the end that take all the time

good luck with the electrics


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Ok, I got the clutch slave cylinder to fit after a bit of fettling,I took a few mm. off the starter and a bit off the slave cylinder and they actually fit together quite well.I'll use a coutersunk bolt on the bottom of the slave cyl. but even without it the starter motor holds it in place nicely.


here's the whole assembly


For anyone who's interested I got the slave cyl. from ebay its off a series 2 and 2a Land Rover and only cost me

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That engine looks fantastic, i personally like the lick of red on the cam covers.Bigsi and Simon 350s have discused the wrinkle paint in Bigsi's posts.

I must ask, do you ever sleep ??? Your posts are all in the middle of the night!!!!!

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Great stuff Andy, keep them picture coming, it help motivate me to post more photos, not that I am competitive or anything...........

I reckon if you keep the inlet manifold black it will actually look pretty good, nothing wrong with a bit of eye candy in the way of colour to show off your efforts.

Remember the V8 engines had a red top on them and they look OK.

I am not going to be able to spalsh the paint about on mine because of all the plastic covers, so it will look a bit dull in the back.


1981 S3 4.2 V8 6 speed (The Mutant)

Mutant V8 Conversion Thread

Knowledge is power .................... apparently.


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Looks great Andy,

I think the red looks nice and as hilly said once you get the other bits on the engine

and all painted up it will look even better!

Your progress is storming ahead, well done i feel i need to pull my lazy finger out :)

regards danny :yes


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I saw this project this evening and what can I say, it's looking spot on, a really nice bit of work.

Thanks for your hospitality dude, crack on and let's see her on the road soon ;)

88 Esprit NA, 89 Esprit Turbo SE, Evora, Evora S, Evora IPS, Evora S IPS, Evora S IPS SR, Evora 400, Elise S1, Elise S1 111s, Evora GT410 Sport

Evora NA

For forum issues, please contact the Moderators. I will aim to respond to emails/PM's Mon-Fri 9-6 GMT. 

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No problem spa,it was good to see you again.

If your ever in the Port dont hesatate to ring. SAFE AS [email protected]($.

I think you just saved my topic from being relegated to the top of division two :D

If any one else has been wondering how the projects going,first of all let me apologise for not updating sooner, there is a big update due and hopefully

if i pull my finger out it won't be too long in coming,

and if I leave my finger in I won't be too long in coming, but I'd better save that for another forum :whistle:

The engine and gearbox are now in their final position in the car, and the exhaust bracket and V8 backbox are also fitted. The cooling system and fuel system are sorted apart from the fuel rail and injectors which I'll do before the final fitting of the inlet manifold.

I've got a handfull of small jobs to do in the form of grinding some metal away on some of the brackets to give me a bit more clearence in places and some final painting.

Then the last jobs are wiring up the ECU :wacko: connecting the exhaust manifolds too the backbox, and trying to make it all work :rtfm:

I'll update with pics soon honest :yes


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Andy glad to see your still making progress chap :wacko: i have the feeling the v8

rear box will look pretty impressive :whistle:

Keep up the good work regards danny :yes


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if you're not happy re the heads then perhaps consider 2 options:

Have them professionally coated in sth like Lotus Orange


have them cermaic coated by someone like camcoat

I think the red finish looks good tho a little Ferrari under the cover.. depending on external coour - black-gold would have been cool.

It's alive.. alive!!!..


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