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Gold '78 Elite 503

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Nice Job Bob! I also have a 2 post lift and put my Elite on it all the time.  I try to put the lifting pads right where the underbody makes a right angle upward. Where the flat bottom that's under the seats goes at a direct right angle upward. Just a few more inches toward the rear from where yours is in the pic on the right. To me that seams to be where the all the strength is.

These body are built really well from what I've seen, but I think it best not to take chances.  I one time made the mistake of putting my lift pad under the rear trailing link... It works but don't try and do any repairs on the rear hub or diff!  LOL

Live and learn.  

Keep up the good work!


'89 Esprit, '77 Elite 503, '72 MGB, '95 XJ12, '10 Mini Cooper, '67 Imperial, '78 New Yorker, '76 Town & Country '73 Cessna 150

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I have had a few trial runs up and down the drive and the engine is not perfect, runs on 3 cylinders until 3,500-4,000 rpm and then sets off properly on all 4.  I don't recall putting new spark plugs in the engine, any suggestions as to what I should use as I am currently running on 2 different types of plug!

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Yes, I think so.

I applied last year in Oct but I received a letter from DVLA telling me the car is not historic until the 1st April following the car turning 40. (The car was registered Sept 79)

So I applied again at the post office last week, they taxed it there and then and sent off for a new V5 and I wait for a reply.

The car is insured so that is good enough for me at present.

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Back again!

Engine still not running so I gave up and took it too another Lotus garage.

To cut a long story short, one of the waterways on the head had corroded and was weeping fluid into the cylinder which kept fouling the plug.

The cylinder head was taken away, pressure tested and then welded where the waterways were thin, skimmed and reassembled.

The downside is I could have bought another car, the upside is we are up and running and have now covered a number of miles.


I have had to replace the fuel sender but am without a speedometer as the cable is snapped, is it a triumph based cable, it looks familiar?

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