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HGF...shall I repair it myself ???

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From your photos, the head looks ok. Flatness test for sure. May just be the gasket gave up the ghost.

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

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Blood hell I've done it now ha ha, next stop get the head off

As far as I am concerned, get a manual, follow it religiously and ask questions on here. You would get ample help. With your background, I don't think you would have a problem. ps. I ca

Darren,  same as Ramjet above i have no idea on the clamshell, but the head gasket itself is pretty easy to change if you take your time and do it methodically. It is by far one of the most simple mod

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I think I might be in the poo.

A further look today shows that the gasket failed between pots 2 and 3 BUT on the block side.

I had a look at the block and there are pits around the area of the oil way, so together with the rusty water, I think the previous owner ran the coolant way too weak (see the rusty water) and that has lead to corrosion but on the face of the block.

So what can be done with this !!!

Any ideas?


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Send the head away to get it pressure tested and cleaned. It may well be its been fiddled with before and was put back together when it wasn't flat - or tightened up wrong. If you have a machine shop local - you could get them to look at both parts of the puzzle. I'm sure it's not fatal just yet - unless of course there is a huge channel in the block face between cylinders

So unless there is something obviously visibly horrendous I would be inclined to clean, new gasket and reassemble - then check compression across the cylinders

Only here once

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Hi Darren,  I have just zoomed in on your pics and yes can see your area of concern as the pits do break a little into the gasket area, Obviously having the block skimmed would be the ideal solution, but for the cost involved from the maching side and the drama of having to remove the liners etc and everything else it would be better to just purchase a replacement used engine.  

I also think that that the pitted area is almost certainly the cause of your problem in the first place, but the gasket failing over time could of have added to the problem.  If it was my car and i wanted it back on the road it would just clean that area a little more and very thin of hylomar on that area before fitting the head gasket and torquing it back down.   I am not saying this is definatly going to work but i think you stand a good chance of a new head gasket a smear of hylomar sorting this.:)

And yes as Barry said skim get the head skimmed also :)



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Ok Gents time for an update, I got it all back together today and it fired up just great :)

The tappets took a bit to charge but are now running fine.

I have decided to run with a rich mix of Prestone as experts say it is good for cleaning the system, it is already discolouring the water in the header tank, after a while I will drain, flush and refill.

So now just to put the rear clam back on then hit the road B-)

I guess only time will tell if this repair lasts but great to have it running again


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