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5 hours ago, ramjet said:

I thought there was a topic on here about being able to make the Evora mirrors fold by the replacement of the mirror switch as all the wiring was already there?

I have the replacement switch, which gives one manual control over the power folding. This thread is about automatic folding of the mirrors, which isn't possible with just the switch change.

Now that I think about it, the switch doesn't even need to be swapped out to utilize the auto-fold module, but it does give you manual control over the power folding. 

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It's not an Evora but to an Elise!

Evora 400 does use Proton mirrors......

If you want to retract the mirrors do it before you leave the car - simples. I find it amazing that peopled get 'wowed' by 'features' like this. One day we'll look back and say did we really shut the

Ah. I believe you are correct. Wouldn't it just be a matter of a circuit which powers up at ignition off to fold them and then the opposite at ignition on?

Someone on here must be clever enough to design that, surely?

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Basically. But these universal modules have overload protection (so the mirrors aren't constantly folding/unfolding if you lock/unlock the doors repeatedly in a short period of time) and provide a 5sec +12V pulse to whichever side of the fold circuit. I had originally ordered a 12V dual timer relay module, and was going to use that, but found this mirror module on eBay for ~$12US. 

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