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engine goes to stall when revved from cold. help?

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:ph34r: evening!

i have a small problem, well i hope so anyway.

when my 1997 gt3 is revved from cold it goes to stall rather that pick up. if i keep the revs above 2500 rpm it seems ok. its also ok when warm.

i was suspecting the IAC.

I did a log file but unfortunately never started saving the file unlil it got to 47 deg c. at this point the IAC was at 105.

i have since reset the IAC via freescan so i cant really get a true reading at the moment.

it does currently read 175 from first starting (ambient temp) and 131 at 47 deg c. this sounds about right i think..

still obviously have the fault.

it doesnt seem as bad at the moment because of the warmer weather but when it was colder i couldnt move it off the drive for 5 mins because if i did it would stall. it was embarassing having to keep the revvs so high to stop it stalling when the clutch was engaged. very spluttery.

TPS is all ok.

as i say cold fault only.

any ideas anyone?


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Top Posters In This Topic

IAC replaced and set up correctly along with fuel filter.

Seems to have cleared my cold start problem and runs a lot smoother.

still got the stumble at very low revs but im not too bothered about that.

Just got to try and sort the low boost now.

suspecting the EPROM chip. Every reading ok and no leaks or blockages were ther shouldnt be.

might try a chip upgrade to prove a point.

im presuming if there is something limiting my boost to 0.85 it will still do the same with a higher boost chip.

if it runs up to 1.2 bar on a puk 11 chip then all is ok.

will keep posted


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