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I dont get my brakes done (S4s)

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Hi Guys,


i have problems with the brakes on my S4s, i dont get them working,

the fuild is inside the main brake cilinder, (just where it must be) on the right level,

and when i want to let the brake's Bleed then they dont bleed, there is complete no fluid

(i am just working with 2 people, one inside the car how kicks in the brake pedal, and me at the end of the brake line to let it bleed)


its a ABS systeem so thats maby the problem or what do i wrong?




(there is also a bleed point on the main brake cilinder its orange on the picture...)



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If you cannot bleed the front brakes you need to bleed the front brake pipes at their unions on the master cylinder. Open them slightly by two turns or until the brake fluid leaks out.

M13: 24 - 26 Nm (18 - 19 Ibf.ft)

M12: 22 - 24 Nm (16 - 18 Ibf.ft)

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I will Try Derek, hopefully i can get the brakes done, so i can drive again!

On 2-5-2016 at 19:18, Barrykearley said:

If it's been drained down I'm sure there was a software thing in the Aldl code to switch stuff in the abs unit ??

Can you explane a little bit more about this "thing"

Many thanks allready!

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I'm sure on the espritmon software it allowed you to active stuff in the abs which opened valves or something. Not sure about the s4s specifically - but on some abs stuff it's a bastard to bleed without software interaction or specialist kit.

ive certainly seen some toyotas where they have had to plug in the diagnostics and do some wizardry when doing fluid changes and servos swaps.

Only here once

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First time I bled my SE with the same system I needed a needle at the front left caliper - it was gummed up/blocked and no fluid came out. My brother in law got a faceful of DOT 4 when he freed it up... 


As for the rears naturally youll have to have the ignition on while bleeding as they are entirely electric.... However they dont leak any fluid even with the bleed plugs open until you hit the pedal, so you dont make any mess!

Vanya Stanisavljevic '91 Esprit SE | '97 XK8

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