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Elise hire in Scotland


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I'm considering buying my first Lotus - and looking at the Elise.  I'd like to spend a few days / week or so trying one out.

I've found a company in London than has a series 2 and a 111R for approximately 1000 pounds for the week, but with 500 pounds transportation each way.

Does anyone know of a Scottish (Glasgow) based Elise for hire?  Preferably Series 2 or 3, and with the touring pack (sound insulation) since I would be using the Elise over some decent distances.

Thanks in advance for your time and suggestions.

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I see your first posting.  Welcome to TLF!  You have come to the right place for all things Scottish Lotus

A number of suggestions for you.

Also go to and you are narrowing down the Scottish Elise contingent although plenty of us are on both this and there.  

Post up in the LEGS section of this forum.  That is more central Scotland based group of us although again plenty of us are on both.  This is more specifically for the NE contingent.

There did used to be a Glasgow based company who did have an Elise but I cannot find a link or reference to them stored in my bookmarks and it was a good few years ago.

There was a company in Edinburgh called Classic Car Club who had a wide range of about 20 performance toys that always changed and included Elises at the bottom end.  It was more one of these pay a small fortune annually for so many points and spend the points on driving different cars. Cheaper/older cars midweek being less than newer exotics at weekends.  They also did car hire.  However having googled them I see they have become Fantasy Fleet Club but looking at the 'fleet' of 4 cars it would seem not very exotic and not very many but maybe it is my terrible offshore connection.

If you are wanting to see numerous Elises up close and in various states there is a track day at Knockhill on the 14th from 09:00 to 13:00 with about 30+ SE'ers there.  You can get in to spectate free. They are a friendly bunch and I'm sure will be happy to talk Elises.  Further ahead our next breakfast Club meeting in LEGS is at the Grassmarket in Edinburgh at 10:00 on Sunday 5th June.  You don't need to be Lotus powered at the time to turn up and chat.  More for this over in LEGS itself in due course.

Finally shall I add you to the LEGS PM listing and then you will be e-mailed by us every time something happens Lotus wise in Scotland?  Free and no obligations.

Good luck!

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Thanks Al!

Yes to LEGS PM listing please.

Other suggestions being actioned.  you'll see my cross-posting to the LEGS section shortly.

I'll still be offshore on the 14th so won't make that one, but will keep my eyes peeled for the next.

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These cars sell themselves. I managed to hire one for a day, about 3 years ago. That got it on the "one day when we have the money" shopping list. 

Then we discovered that our local dealer was happy to let us try one out for a weekend (well, late Saturday and return it on Monday morning). That was sufficient to get us over the line. You park it in your own garage, show your friends, drive it, let your spouse drive it... totally hooked!

So, I wonder whether any of the dealers up your way do that sort of thing? I guess they'd have to be convinced that you're a genuine customer. (We had already joined our local Lotus club. And I'm not dodgy at all!)

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On 03/06/2016 at 19:32, David in NZ said:

 (We had already joined our local Lotus club. And I'm not dodgy at all!)

Really? :-) haha


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