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Airbox & Hose

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Hi all,

Ive just this week bought an S3 that i used to own 12 years ago so you could say im a born again newbie. It is in need of a lot of work. My first job is to tackle the Airbox. It has been removed although i do have it in a box in the boot. It is slightly damaged where a corner has worn away so wouldnt be sealed. Firstly is there a specific way of repairing this as it looks to me like a fibre glass as it has fibres?! Also is there any kind of instruction as to how to put this back on properly are there any gaskets and which type of filter is best?. Im basically ok with simple jobs but im no mechanic.  Also the large hose that feeds the cooler air into the airbox is shredded. So does anyone know the best place to get a replacement?

Currently the car is driving with 4 small trumpets on the carbs and having read previous threads re the possibility of fires without an air filter i'm inclined to get it back on before i do too much driving around.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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On mine the engine side of the airbox is sandwiched between the trumpets and body of the carbs, so simply unbolt the 4 trumpets slot in and reassemble. No gaskets either side of that bit on mine and none that I could see in the service parts list. I use a K&N filter which needed the rubber seal transferring from the paper filter that was in there before,. No idea about repairing the airbox but SJ's list a replacement if it's beyond help.  You'll also want to do something with the crankcase breather pipe, it looks like it's jammed in to trumpet #3  in that photo!

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The airbox bolts on between the trumpets and the carb bodies. There is a gasket available but I've never had it on mine and a lot of others have said the same.

I found replacement hose at Merlin Motorsports. It was expensive, about £80/metre I think but that was a few years ago.


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Thanks for the response guys, Ill have a look at both suggestions for the hose. The photo makes it look like the breather hose is in there, its just the angle of the shot. Also on the back part of the airbox, the part thats attached to the engine, the is a pipe coming down from it. Should this be attached to something else?


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Number 11? That's an airbox breather pipe. 


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Ok thanks, apolgies for my lack of knowledge, what exactly does it do? Seeing as its not attached at the moment what is the reason/benefit of having one? Im learning something new everyday! Thanks in advance folks


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Doesn't do too much, on some cars they just hang them out the bottom under the engine. The idea is to capture fumes from within the engine and duct it into the air intake some that they are burned off during combustion. Some engines breath more than others so you may not notice it letting out fumes, on my S1 if I take it off the hose it looks like its steam powered train letting out littles puffs of smoke.


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