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Soft top and conversion required

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Hey folks where is the best place to buy the soft top conversion as well as the soft top for my new coupe v6 ?

Also is there a special tool needed for removing the hard top ?

Many Thanks in advance for any up to date info


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Lotus themselves are currently out of stock and there are a few people on here wanting them so i think the first available batch will sell out pretty quickly.

After that its really a case of trawling forums and ebay for a second hand unit.

There is no special tool for the roof its just a standard security torx bit

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You will need these:


Good luck finding a soft top. Second hand, you can pay between £200-£500. New I think they are nearer £900, plus the giant wait.


The soft top conversion takes about 30 minutes and requires a drill, a sanding bit and some adhesive.


It really makes the V6 though. I have the coupe and with the roof off, it is an absolute pleasure.



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