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Giugiaro & Stevens Esprit Turbo 321 Stainless Steel Manifold Group Buy

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That's why I'm being a little anal about making sure I'm on the list for a new system. I found a replacement waste gate adapter in UK, and didn't want to spend a lot of time waiting to see if I was on the list for this system before ordering the part elsewhere.

Now that I'm confirmed on the list I won't need to order it

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Yes - similar thinking this end. I was looking to go original for replacement but that's proved to be a hurdle too far so think the full Alunox system is the way to go - that way everything is new and it's something less to think about going wrong moving forward. Exciting times Bob!!:thumbup:

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Any word on the progress of the order and/or a time frame for shipping? Glenn, my mechanic, was asking me about it yesterday afternoon and I told him I'd check.

My car has been there about a month and he'd like to get it out of there.

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Ok, so coming to the party a little late.  Putting my name on the list, and sending an email to Anita.

Kinda funny cuz I recently emailed Leon at Alunox about buying one, then found out about the group buy.

1994 Esprit S4 manifold only.



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Not that bad (yet) lol. Yes, I'm looking forward to getting everything so I can get the car back on the road, but yesterday I was checking for my mechanic cause he needs the room in his shop. I might use that e-card next month

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Hi Guys, I'm on holiday so bare with me on responce times, so just updating the list

1)  @rocket63 - Stevens S4 1995 Manifold - UK

2)  @jcslocum (1984 G-Car just manifold)

3)  @pmlee  (Stevens SE, just manifold) - UK

4) @x180r19 (Stevens SE, just manifold) - CO, USA

5) @lewtus (Stevens SE, just manifold) style. (4 & 5) can ship together to CO, USA)

6) @Htown (Stevens SE, manifold only) Combine shipping with #4 & #5? - CO, USA

7) @greentengu G-car, just the manifold kit - PA, USA

8) @Bloodnok 1986 Turbo HCI Giugiaro  - Manifold only. - UT, USA

9) @chris  Stevens 1988 carb turbo - UK

10) @gfallon 1983 g-car manifold kit - MI, USA

11)  @NR2k- 1984 G car full system, no cat, standard turbo flange - UK

12)  @andmac - Stevens Manifold - UK

13) @Saturn Silver - Stevens GT3 manifold - Sweden

14) @Teava12 - Stevens manifold - French Polynesia

15) @stephenwhyte - G-car FULL SYSTEM - UK

16) @NigelM- G-car manifold + exhaust - UK

17) @CarSalesman - Stevens manifold - PA, USA

18) @DrieStone - G-car manifold + catless exhaust- CT, USA

19) @Mrbmist - Stevens manifold - MD, USA

20) @faykfox - Stevens manifold - NV, USA.

21) @dawn - Stevens manifold - Istanbul

22) @ATSAaron - Stevens manifold -TX, USA

23) @DaveS4s - Stevens manifold - GA, USA

24) Mattzx - G car full system (no cat) - '84 Giugiaro Turbo - UK  - Full System Based on 10 GB

25) keith95S4 G car full system (no cat)

26) Stormy69 - Stevens

27) Zig - Stevens

28) Quadcam - Stevens manifold for 93.5 -usa

29) @850 Combat - Stevens with external connection capped Oregon USA 97141

30) MrDangerUS one Stevens s4s manifold same option as Zig's ( without the wastegate port option, w/new collector option ), shipped to USA

31) Jenna'sEspritTurbo -  (1983 G-Car just manifold) Milford USA

32) Top Plumber - Stevens Manifold

33) neverweaken - 1985 G car manifold - IRL

34) EW 89SE - Eric Winninger - Stevens U.S. market 1989SE Manifold only. Smooth collector type NO external wastegate option - USA 47408 postal code

35) Splashout - 1986 G-car manifold only for standard back box

36) DJ Bob  1983 everything up to turbo

37) Ianarm77 Stevens Manifold

38) Jime -  Stevens manifold

Could you let me know who actually needs theres first , as not everyone fits them straight away from past experience. You could PM me . Im on holiday so expect a delay.

I was at Alunox last week , production is progressing . I will update rear system prices soon



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Thank you for the update. My car is in the shop with the current exhaust system in pieces waiting on the new system. So far my mechanic has been OK with it taking up space, but I'd really appreciate getting expedited service and getting my car on the road again.

#36  DJ Bob

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Scott Landis / greentengu: I do NOT need the manifold sent to me quickly. However, I certainly would appreciate an invoice so I can get the appropriate funds squared away.

1986 Esprit HCI (Bosch-injected)

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I've been thinking Mark - which is always expensive :X........could you get me the best price for the full Giugiaro system AND a Stevens manifold please. If there is a big enough discount I will consider buying both. Thanks 

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If timing is critical for some of the group buy members then I can wait until probably mid to late September, but I need some form of status update giving me some idea of progress.  



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