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Espritmon blue buttons not working

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I run Espritmon on my mini PC/laptop under Windows XP via a USB<->ALDL cable. Getting readings and ingo fine.

But the blue "buttons" dont do anything. ie the dont appear to click (not sure what I should see if anything?) and clicking them doesnt activate anything (eg fans)

Anyone else had this?

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I've just downloaded the software from his page. Perhaps mine is an old version without that functionality?
This screen shot is what I'm on about, trying to get to the bottom of Code 26 error. And everywhere lists the Code 26 A & B differently (as described on this forum). So I want to try Espritmon over Freescan to see if I can figure out what is causing it.




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3 minutes ago, ian29gte said:

They didn't work for me either the last time I was in there, they were (I think) flat grey rather than highlighted blue.

me too...i got flat grey rather than blue

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The version 3 that internets (Chris) sent me with the USB ALDL cable had blue buttons that didnt do anything when "clicked".

I downloaded v4 from Erik's site and that has the grey buttons that likewise do nothing.

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In the zip archive a file is missing. Didn't notice it before. It is easy to fix. Go to the Espritmon CFG directory, Create a file with the name DEU.CFG

Put the following contents in this file:


Save the file and rerun Espritmon.


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