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Problems selecting 1st and 2nd gear

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Last weekend I had two occasions where I could not select 1st or 2nd gear, first time was after driving 120miles so car was hot and second time was first thing in the morning so car was cold. I had the issue looked whilst the car was having a service but no issue was found.  Today it happened again after 20min driving I could not select 1st or 2nd and had to pull of in 3rd. Then suddenly 1st and 2nd came back, then went again..... came back and went again. Anyone else had this issue? 

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Hi Matt,

I have had something similar, but it happened one time only and it was very cold. I could not get 1st and 2nd and it almost felt like the gate had moved and there was a springy resistance preventing me from getting across to 1st and 2nd.

I had driven around to the local shop and it was reversing out of their parking space that did it - something obviously moved somewhere, by the time I'd got home I could get first and second with some gentle persuasion. I braced myself for phoning the dealer in the morning but a quick test drive before doing so saw a continuous improvement until everything was back to normal??!?!

Hasn't done it again and this happened about 6 months back.

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A Lotus tech or just a good mechanic?

I'm having this issue as well - 1st into 2nd - and when my Elise is warm ie after running for a while or from cold start in hot weather as in this week.  Although, I did drive 100 miles yesterday and only missed one gear change from standing start.  It was though very notchy throughout the drive and I needed to 'manage' putting it into 2ng gear - not something I want to get into the habit of doing, and not conducive to enjoyable driving in the Cotswolds!


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@mbarn48 , my Elise gearchange was infinitely improved by fitting this...

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Thanks Bibs.  Mine's a Toyota Elise and I'd been told there are no upgrade kits available.  However, I've come across Trueleo Letsla, which Brooke Kensington offer.  I'm due to speak to them this week, but if anyone has had one of these fitted and is willing to share any feedback I'd be grateful.  Cheers

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For what it's worth once or twice my car has refused to go into first, but slotting into second, then first and it goes fine. Never had a problem on the move, though.

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