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I have never heard of this being done. If it's only software then I suppose it's possible in theory but I imagine it would be very hard to achieve in practice. I imagine you would have to get the car taken back to Lotus to get it done and the cost of doing so would likely be so high that you'd be better off selling the car and buying one with Race mode already installed.

In the likely event of having to live with the car without Race mode I hope it will be some reassurance to know that it is next to useless for road use and also that the most fun mode is everything 'off' in any event!

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Yes, the Race mode including Launch Control is only coded/Software and works with the existing Bosch hardware on every Exige S. (like the Roadster-speed limit and others)

When ordering my Exige S I also denied to give Lotus another 2.500 Euro for something useless that is already build in.

Generally you'd only need a different driving mode switch and Lotus to unlock the Racemode at the ECM (Electronic Control Module).  But I doubt they will do. 

The Exige Service Notes (Page 64, Section MV) says the ECM Software, called EMS programme, is protected an can not be overriden by any other Software.

So you must ask Lotus, your Dealer or maybe the Komotec-Guys if there's any possibility.





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1 hour ago, Rancid said:

Different ARB's on race pack


I know the springs and dampers are different as they have diff part numbers but the parts list I have shows the ARB as being the same, where did you find that info please? I need to update mine if they are different

Interestingly the Coupe has a 19mm rear bar and the Roaster has a19.5mm rear bar


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Pretty sure they're different thicknesses

As post above re thicknesses - but a roadster with race pack has the coupe's arb.

What I'm thinking, is that just adding the race mode to a non race pack roadster will still be missing certain items, whereas on a coupe adding the race mode would make it akin to a factory car?

' makes every other roadster look just a little bit cissy...'

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Explantion of the differing ARBs for the Exige  S Roadster (except from the the workshop notes):

Suspension: Carried over from  the Exige S  but the reduced down force generated by the body panels (due to removal  of  the  front  splitter  and  rear  aerofoil)  requires  minor  revisions  to  re-align  both  the  front  and  rear  axle responses  to  ensure  the  ride  and  handling  performance  is  comparable  to  the  Exige  S.  This  is  achieved  by  a revision  of  the  front  and  rear  camber  angles  compared  to  the  Exige  S  as  well  as  increasing  both  the  diameter and  material  thickness  of  the  rear  anti-roll  bar  to  19.5mm  diameter  to  increase  overall  roll  bar  stiffness,  (the internal diameter of the anti-roll bar bushes are also correspondingly increased).

Roadster with the Race Pack are "reported" to share both suspension components and geometry settings with the Coupe - athough this isn't stated in either the Workshop Documentation or the Parts List (which explicitly lists the 19.5mm ARB fitment for the Roadster).

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