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Looking into buying an Exige


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Hi all iam looking into buying a Lotus Exige  would you buy a N/A or supercharged,dealer or private ???

Any advice or what to look for 

Do you know of any ??


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Few more questions;

S1, S2 or V6?

Track or road?

Have you got an RS200? :D

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Evora NA

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Hi All

Iam looking to spend around 25k i would like a supercharged S2  road 

i have driven both a N/A & Supercharged & liked them both

No a Escort Cosworth

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I purchased my Exige last year from a Lotus dealer. Paid more than I would have done private but if I'm spending over £25K, I want piece of mind. The dealer gave 12months full warranty.

Check the aircon works (if its fitted), the oil cooler re-call has been completed. Usual stuff like accident damage. The header tanks are susceptible to fail/leak, mine was replaced under warranty. FSH is something to look out for, the engines are very good as are the gearbox's but 3rd can go if the car is heavily abused.

Supercharged cars will fetch more than a 190. You will get a 190 for your budget, S cars are £26k upward.

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You have just missed a couple of Exige S @ £25k (mine i bought) and a laser blue 06. Both sub 30k miles but private.

This one has been reduced to £26k

lotus silverstone have an s 240PP at £29k(?) and 43k miles, there seems to be some strange prices at the mo. This car was sold for £25k in feb, came up again and was £25.5k, private, (what it sold for is another question) and now at a dealer with an adder of £4k for what... Has it been serviced, had a lot of work?? I dunno but its frustrating (assuming its the same car) that see the adder


or in leeds JCT600 the exisge 240 (yellow white ) at (correct me if im wrong) £26999 up to £28999 and down to £26999,


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The silver one at Lotus Silverstone is the same one on that was on E/bay £25,500 i offered him £24500 & he refused ;-( then i got a call from Lotus telling me they had the car £29000 they are going to service it & put a warranty on it for £4000 lol

There also is a nice red N/A @ Silverstone that i quite like 

But iam in no rush so i will carry on the search & save a bit more 

thank you Guys  

This is the one at Silverstone


Also i like these 3 Red & Silver are N/A & the Black on Super charged Only the red is from a dealer 




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Personally I'd pay the extra for a Supercharged, read up on the specs & options - sport, supersport, touring, super touring so you know the differences and what matters to you. And if you are looking at future value/resale, worth knowing what the most desirable specs and colours are.

Been some good advice already on what to look for, I'd add that in my experience its challenging given how limited the pool is to find an everything you want in terms of spec, mileage, history, colour etc so there will probably be some compromise in there somewhere.. 

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Have a look at the rear clam and make sure that nothings been flying around in the boot and damaged it from the inside out also check that the tyre foam located on top of the offside gear wheel arch also hasn't come loose and is in date

like already mentioned plenty of colour and speck choices just remember things like if its got the original rad that it will probably split on the plastic header mine went at 14k and check that 2nd to 3rd change when cold if it grinds every time then suspect the syncros gone or on its way happy hunting remember its supposed to be fun looking for a new car just remember to get it home and take it all to bits lol


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52 minutes ago, philcool said:

Or better still take someone else's to bits

Anything other than clams off or major engine work there not to bad to work on if a little fiddly


Love the Orange one fella :-)

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Thank you all for all your replys

I think i will wait & see what comes along as the more i look the more i see slight differences in them.

As for colour i do like the Red,Orange,graphite grey & White 

I also think i will go for a super charged one & is there any where you can read up on the specs of the S2 


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Hi Paul, sorry to hi-jack your thread.

We are expecting a 2006 Exige S shortly, its done circa 26,000 miles and has been supplied and serviced by us from new. 

Its a demo + 1 Private owner, Touring and Sport Pack, finished in Laser Blue. Please PM me if its of interest, I would be more

than happy to show you round it and take you out in it when it lands.

Best Regards,


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Thanks had to wait for a while to get a Crome Orange one in near mint condition with 6k on the clock that was 4 years ago paid 30k never regreted the decision not sure the other half agrees.

Got mine ftom Westover sports cars in pool nice people no pressure to buy and let me crawl all over it and a long test drive.

You've got the write idea don't rush one will come up and you won't have to make a decesion Happy hunting ?


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