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"Standard" Rear Hatch behavior on 1990 SE

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I own a 1990 SE and wonder if the rear hatch is supposed to push itself up when released.

In some videos you can see that the hatch just slides open when released, but mine does not. What was standard? Is mine broken or theirs upgraded?


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Not sure what is standard, but my hatch only jumps up enough to clear the latches. Then I have to manually lift it to the almost fully up position (where it locks).

If the car is on jacks, it doesn't always want to open because of body flexing.

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You need new hatchback lift supports.


Standard fitment on Esprits with hatch-mounted rear wings (as your SE) is the locking one on the left side.


Non-winged Esprits just have regular gas struts.

Atwell Haines

'88 Esprit

Succasunna, NJ USA

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The SE has a very heavy wing which prevents the hatch from lifting itself up - mine just pops open to clear the latches as Quavion mentioned above. On my V8 with the body-mounted loop spoiler the hatch opens itself. 

Vanya Stanisavljevic '91 Esprit SE | '97 XK8

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if you have your car elevated (jacks or ramp) in a home garage, it nice that the hatch doesn't open fully and interfere with the garage door operation. I like the SE manual tailgate lift for this reason.



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