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More PMC Fenestria Speaker Pictures!


Hi Everyone,

Well the PMC Fenestria’s have definitely been pulling people in for a listen and no one has had a bad word to say, in fact I think it is fair to say everyone has been totally blown away how good they are, I am still having far too many late nights at the moment as I work through my music collection, I have to say that I think one of their biggest strengths is how they make even poor recordings sound good which is a real bonus as when you get a high resolution system like this you tend to gravitate towards the better recordings which is a shame as you want to listen to all your music whether a good recording or not but with the Fenestria’s they just don’t seem to care, they can make music out of the worst recordings which is great news for my 80′s love affair I’m having at the moment :)

So some great news, we sold our first pair of Fenestria’s today to one of our good customers who obviously has exceptionally good taste in speakers, hello Steve, so look forward to getting them installed for you as an early Christmas present :)

In celebration please find some lovely photo’s PMC have had done, have to say I love them in white which I would never have thought would work.








Also here is an assembly video PMC have produced


Right, time to go and listen to some more music.



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seriously cool looking speakers ♥️

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Unbelievably Andy they sound even better than they look 😍

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Focal Elegia Closed Back Headphones Now On Demo!


Hi All,

Focal really have hit the spot with their range of open back headphones released over the last couple of years which have been very popular indeed so it is great news that they have now added a closed back to their range with the Elegia which we are pleased to say we now have on permanent demo, priced at £799 these are definitely going to carry on Focal’s success in the headphone market.

If you’d like a listen anytime or to compare against other closed back headphones on the market please feel free to get in touch to book an appointment in our dedicated headphone shop.






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Hope To See You At he Windsor HiFi Show This Weekend!


Hi There,

Just a quickie to say that we are closed this Friday / Saturday as we are helping out at the Windsor HiFi Show, basically we are running a small headphone area to show off the new dCS Bartok as a high end headphone solution so if you are going to the show please pop by and say hello, you can find more info on the show below -


The idea is to take a long a small selection of Highend Headphones for attendees to listen to on the Bartok so we’ll take the Utopia’s, LCD-4′s, D8000′s, HD820′s and the Stax T8000 with the new SR-009S and SR-007′s to show the Bartok as a DAC / Streamer.

Hope to see you there for what is always a great show.



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