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Wanted: V6 Cup in a bright colour

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Welcome Colin - There are 25 in our classifieds right now :)

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Hi Bibs,

I would like a cup and there doesn't appear to be one of those for sale on here at the moment. I have put out the wanted incase there is a viewer considering selling. I have the money waiting so it would be an easy private sale for someone.  

(I make reference to a UK vehicle, private sale)

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Only two available at the moment

@farook's Pewter Grey car

                 LOTUS EXIGE V6 CUP (2014) £53,950             


and the Komotec's Gulf Blue one

                 Lotus Exige S 3.5 VVT-i 2dr (2014) £52,490             


Neither fulfill you criteria of bright, I'm guessing. Shame in addition to *that* green car,  there was the Solar Yellow Cup for sale for many months that recently was bought by a member on here. Also there was one of B&C's Matte Black edition Cups being offered privately a few weeks ago, too.  

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Thanks for that info. I have seen all of those and yes,  the solar yellow would have been perfect so kudos to the buyer :)


I'm sure one will crop up. I post the thread on the off chance someone was thinking about putting theirs on the market. Will help us both! 

I couldn't get on with the blue :(


Worst case, I'll move to a 350 or std v6s

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Hi all,

I am still looking for the right car. I seek a cup, 350 or standard v6, (all coupe only) low mileage, in something nice and bright. 

Funds waiting for a hassle free, immediate sale for the right car. 

If you have something like that for sale,  message please. 



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I don't think there are any V6 Cups currently for sale in any colour. They are very rare cars.

But plenty of dealer stock S350s for sale, many of which are asking somewhere around £58k brand new. New gear linkage, similar weight to a Cup (depending on spec) very strong package at that price.

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Completely understand (used to have a 240pp in a rare colour and know the series 2 cup situation well).

I have seen a couple of Cups used, there's a few still knocking about but not in the colour/mix for me. I placed the wanted ad as it may help us both.

Agreed on the 350s, May go that way if the feet get very itchy, but I doubt they will itch that much :) Will hang about for a while for the right car to appear ;)

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