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Elise S1 wont start

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Hi. Firstly apologies if this repeats another thread. I'll explain the symptoms of the problem and would appreciate any advice / pointers to check.

Took my S1 (MY2000) out this morning. When I went to start it hesitated on turnover as if the battery was a bit flat. Tried a few times and it fired up fine. Took it out of the garage, parked it up, turned off. Locked garage. Started car - fine. Drove down the road and back. Stopped. About 30 mins later, started OK. Drove about 10 miles. Stopped and then started OK. Stopped to fill up. Wont start. Turns over but wont fire. I think initially it burnt any fuel in the intake (a slight pop) but after that once or twice, nothing. 

RAC came and said the plugs are dry - he expected it to be flooded so suspected the fuel pump. Checked the 20A in the rear-left of the boot - it's fine. When you turn on the ignition you can hear a click and what I believe is the pump running for a couple of seconds (to prime the system?).

I suspected the immobiliser - is that possible if it turns over?
I have an EliseParts immobiliser bypass supplied by the PO but cannot see where it goes  - nothing matches the instructions with it. Is it for a Cobra alarm or just the original alarm Lotus fitted?

Not sure what to check next. Could it be something like the crankshaft sensor failed?

I believe there is an ADL diagnostic port in the boot just above the fuel pump fuse but is there an equivalent of Freescan or Esprimon to diagnose what the ECU is seeing? Are there any diag tools available ? (I havent been able to find anything yet)


HELP !!! (please)

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Thanks Barrie. I'm beginning to think it's that or similar issue. I'll update once I know. I did read on another forum that the wires around that area chafe and wear thin restricting current.

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