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This one's mine. Would have repaired and continued to use infrequently if it was just thrust bearings and bottom end, but it needs to be done properly with associated costs, and the amount of time I currently get to work on it, and then actually enjoy it does not add up.

Did consider mothballing it but then it would be complete rebuild time when I do get the opportunity in another few years.

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Why not just mothball it?

22years ago I parked my 1972 Mercury (Temporarly) in a barn as we were moving to Jamaica.

Yesterday I was I found my way to it, to prepare to bring it back home. My son want to start it and make some use and fun of it.

beside layers of dust, spider webs etc. its a question of basic work like brakes, fluids, tires and recommisioning to bring it back. Whit if you would like to buy a Lotus Esprit in 22 years £?




Have to add that the interior looks good!

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Space is a premium here so even basic storage is 40-50 pounds a month. 13k over that time. The real cheap storage would result in major deterioration. 

Once the esprit is gone it frees up the space for something that will be used more. Excel and elite are on the list of potentials.

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