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Which alternator to replace?

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Doing a bit of tinkering with the car today and suspected that the alternator does not charge well when at working temperature (i.e. 12V at the coil and battery). Took the alternator off and it was grinding as it went around so it's going to be rebuilt. But I have a couple of options.

Option 1 - replace the alternator shown below. Not sure which one/amperage it is exactly, but could get it rebuilt and just fit everything back up.




Option 2 - replace the 70 amp Motorola alternator I've also got below. It looks like a straight swap, but the wiring terminals would need changing as I'd be going from spade terminals to ring ones.



The quick response would be option 2, but the less I have to dabble with anything electrical the better as far as I'm concerned. What do you think?

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2 minutes ago, Herc said:

I replaced mine with something like opt 3 and found it was a bit deep, and interfered with the airbox.  


Thanks for the input. Definitely something for me to take into account if I go for something new.

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I bought one of those of ebay and it was faulty straight out of the box, the guy did take it back though. If you remember I managed to get a 45amp ford fiesta used unit from a local garage, £20, working perfectly to this day. 


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I get a lot of belt squeal under load with a 65amp, even when the belt is seemingly tight. There is a 66mm pulley on it at the moment, and I'm about to replace it with a 77 or an 84mm one to underdrive it a bit and increase the belt contact area.

I get LOADS of charge, but be a bit careful with the bigger ones as they can give issues like the ones I'm experiencing.

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Well I did buy an Ebay alternator ( and had reasonable success with it. Touches the airbox but the belt is tight at that point so I'm good in that regard. The issue I had is that the fan blades hit the lower bracket that the alternator will slide in and out along. A bit of playing with a grinder and taking a few mm off it has got it working fine now.

Just so people are aware if they are considering this particular one. I contacted the seller about it but he assures this is the first one with this issue he's ever come across...

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