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Here are a few more of mine from different angles to confirm your decision even further, or to put it another way, any excuse to post up some pics of my P&J, :P.

I went the fully-committed route from the outset and had mine painted rather than wrapped.

New Evora 1 (2).jpg

New Evora 2 (2).jpg

New Evora 3 (2).jpg

New Evora 4 (2).jpg

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On 28/07/2016 at 12:10, Bibs said:

They work surprisingly well :)

It's a bloody brilliant driver's car which is why we forgive the rest. I just bought a terrible drivers car with great cupholders auto windscreen wipers and climate control.that just works. I'm NOT driving that car on my road trip -I'm in my Evora :)

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On 26 July 2016 at 22:50, Tropica said:

Finally home after picking up my new (to me) Evora S - FANTASTIC

Fairly mundane drive to Poole, then slow drive to Exeter but after that roads got better. Now back in Cornwall on real roads made for this car - think i'm going cancel the milkman so we will run out regularly!




I wandered past your place last weekend .. I live in Lilliput and was walking to Poole quay. I must say it looks stunning!

Give me a wave if you see the other blue Evora in poole!

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Certainly will! Its my parents house so the car will only be there occasionally.  Its getting 'wrapped' on Friday so will post some pics next week.

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