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FREE upgrade to Goodridge's world-leading performance brake hose

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Goodridge is the world's leading manufacturer of performance brake hose, a system you can trust under pressure that won't expand like OEM hose, eliminating brake fade.

We are currently seeking a small number of UK-based volunteer reviewers to receive a Goodridge brake hose kit completely FREE in return for fitting, testing and then sharing a review here at and discussing your experience of the kit. To ensure Goodridge continues to provide the very best in performance braking to drivers around the world, we need your feedback and comments.

We currently stock a range of kits for:

Elan +2 1967 - 1975
Elan +2S 1967 - 1975
Elan S1-S4 1962 >
Elan SE Turbo  1990
Elan Sprint  
Elise / Exige  1996>
Elite  1974>
Esprit S1 1976 - 1979
Esprit Turbo  1988 - 1992
Esprit Turbo S3 1980-1989
Europa 1966 - 1975
Excel 1982 - 1992
Super 7 SIII  1969 - 1974

If you would like to take part, please comment here with your vehicle spec so we can check availability of the appropriate kit. If there is multiple interest in one model, a names will be drawn at random.

We're looking forward to reading about your experiences.

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19 minutes ago, Bravo73 said:

No Evora?


Ha ha. It already has Goodridge brake hoses Jonny.

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1982 esprit s3 (n/a)...hopefully same brake spec as the turbo, rebuild hopefully to be completed before November.

New stainless hoses already on the list of replacement parts.

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Thanks for all your interest so far everyone. We'll leave the thread open for a couple more days to give anyone else the chance to register interest then choose the lucky recipients at the end of the week.

For those whose editions aren't on our current application list, we have a different offer for you. If you would be able to send us your OEM hoses we will be able to engineer the kit for your vehicle model, and send a kit to you as a thank you when we return your original hoses. If this is of interest to anyone, please drop us a line.

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Thanks again for all your interest in this giveaway.

We’ve run all entries through a randomiser to be as fair as possible (this one if you’re interested ) and the following will be the lucky recipients of brake hose kits for their vehicles:

  • theelanman

  • Bibs
  • Neil Potter

We have PM-ed you all to arrange delivery and with further information about posting reviews etc. Please get in touch with any questions.

Apologies to those who asked for kits that we don't currently supply BUT we would like your help as we're always looking to expand our range. Would you like to say you were the prototype for one of the world’s leading products? If you would be able/willing to send us the factory fit hoses from your vehicle (we’d keep them for <10 days then return to you) we can produce this kit and send you the finished product as a thank you in the colour of your choice.

Please drop us a line if you would be interested in this.

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OK, here's my review at last.

First off, don't think you can just install new brake hoses, of any brand, onto your 28 year old car over the course of a day or so.  Oh no.  As well as needing 11/13/15/17mm flare spanners (ideally 2 x13mm ones) you will encounter one or more of the following fun issues:

- seized nuts.  Get your Dremel with flexi attachment ready.

- seized caliper to hose adaptor on the rear Bendix calipers (seized to the hose, not the caliper thankfully in my case)

- rusty brake pipes, particularly at the front.  You will want to replace them!

Get some M10 locking washers to replace the old ones if you don't have any to hand.  Oh, and the bleed nipples on the front calipers are M7 1mm threads.

OK, the hoses themselves.  Goodridge kindly sent me the ones with stainless fittings, in smart black.  I can't fault the quality - these things feel like they will last forever.  They have a little permanent collar on them showing date of manufacture, which I guess is quite nice if you want to prove the work you did was recent.  They come in a slightly boy-racerish box, and I can see why as they market these hoses as a performance upgrade.  I guess the folk who are drawn to quality and reliability will do their own research rather than impulse buy.

A point to note is that the Esprit Turbo kit they list on their website, is I think the one for the SE which it turns out is not quite the same as for the Stevens carb turbo.  There are 6 hoses in the kit.  The 4 rear ones are identical to each other and fit perfectly, but the front hoses must be different (think the SE hose goes straight into the caliper rather than into a little curly pipe bracketed to the caliper).  I needed all 6 pipes with the same fittings at each end, but 2 slightly shorter.  Happily Goodridge were very quick to sort this, and replicated the front hoses from the old one I sent them.  They now have the knowledge to produce a specific carb turbo kit, so they should be able to help if you give them a call.

There isn't any literature in the package to help you work out what hose goes where, in my case the two front hoses were slightly shorter.  From a buyers point of view this information would be helpful and save a lot of swearing if you start at one end and fit what look like the right hoses until you get to the other end.

Fitting took ages for the problems outlined above (might do a blog post on it), but once all in, brakes bled, leaks dealt with, it was time to go for a spin.

All things considered, braking performance is I think a marginal improvement.  Not so much in outright stopping power, but in firmness of the pedal and effort needed to get same result.  It is slight, to be honest, although conditions at the weekend were a little damp so I couldn't give the brakes a full workout.  I suppose I couldn't rule out that I managed to bleed out a little air that had been there before; nonetheless I'm happy that things are better than before and so I would recommend.  Just don't expect a radical transformation.

The key thing for me is that these hoses inspire confidence.  Looking at the old knackered hoses which came off the car (possibly original), I feel a whole lot happier that I'm not trusting them any more.  The Goodridge hoses look and feel like the premium product I think they are, and given how much these cost vs how much we all spend on Esprit maintenance, it seems a no brainer to go for the quality and consider the performance improvement as a bonus.

Just my 2p worth!

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