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1977 LOTUS ESPRIT S1 0101J

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Original and very rare Lotus Esprit S1 in original and matching numbers condition. This Lotus Esprit is delivered original to Spain in 1977 as number 0101J, it is 2nd J production number.There are  only 2 Orange J cars!!

And this it one of them.

The car is actual Red painted and complete restoration works with Eur 19.000 investment.

All parts was bought to SJSPORTSCARS (Ask Steve).

I have Lotus Certificate of Vehicle Provenance.

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10 hours ago, TAR said:

Must be something wrong with my eyes. That car looks red and what happened inside?


Not to mention the crazy asking price! If you have more money than sense you can have mine for 80,000 Euros!

Lotus Esprit [meaning] a 1:1 scale Airfix kit with a propensity to catch fire

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42 minutes ago, Lotusfab said:

Nothing wrong with the asking price, if I ever sell I want more than that!?????

Well you can ask what you like but getting it is a different matter. That car is not worth anything like 80,000 Euros - it's as simple as that!

Lotus Esprit [meaning] a 1:1 scale Airfix kit with a propensity to catch fire

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The work on the chassis and engine looks spot on, Most of the old cars are purchased to be restored to factory standard and this is reflected on the price when a car is sold, some of us choose to restore modify the cars to non factory standard and this will greatly change the resale value but you do it because you enjoy the car and never think of selling your pride and joy and not the potential buyers in the future when you sometimes have to let the car go, S1 buyers are normally people IMO view are after full restoration projects or fully restored standard cars.   

To be looking at that money it needs to be orange and have the factory interior and everything standard and then it will still take a while to sell. 

Just my 2 pence, good luck with sale, Not knocking anything but its a lot of coin for a non standard car, :)


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