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Help Please - Headlight Pods Won't Retract

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Hello all,

For the last few times I switched on the headlights, the pods come springing right up just fine, but when I switched the lights off, the headlight pods would not go down for about 5 minutes.   So the lights would turn off, but the pods would just stay up.   Now, the last time I switched off the headlights, the pods haven't gone down at all - and it has been a day since I turned them off.

Any thoughts on the reason for this, before I try to figure it out? 



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Motor lift control unit..    This contains the timers & relays that power the up---down .. the fact that both are staying up points to this unit rather than an individual motor issue.  From the description you give, I would look for a dry joint.  Firstly in the two connectors to the unit, disconnect and spray with switch/contact cleaner reconnect and see how things go from there... If still not working inspect the unit itself or replace with new..

hope that helps.   

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My headlamp pods went up (and lights turned on) but now pods won’t retract, even though headlights are turned off.

Do you mean this Pod Delay Unit?.



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Hello - what part number is the motor lift control unit?  Just want to be sure I am clear on the part.   


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