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moving gear lever

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My car's gear selector is moving when I release the acceleretor or when I reaccelerate,

I suspect a moving gearbox.

I tried to move it by hand from under the car but

Still, I would like to check the gearbox mountings but I can't even see them.

How I can I access them, do I have to remove the gearbox, propeller shaft (and differential)  ?

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Just so long as it doesn't do this:

Oops! How do I insert photos? Copy and paste obviously not!

I was trying to put in a picture of a gear lever that came off in my hand!

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From what remember there is really only one mounting for the gearbox and it sits directly underneath the box.  It's a weird thing : rubber with a couple of metal plates and bar. Engine only has two mounts, of course, one either side. Once on axle stands, you can dismantle the gearbox mounting from underneath to inspect.

Is your gearshift really vague? I just wonder if your problem is the little plastic saddle piece that sits under the gear stick inside the box, whose corners break off over time. In other words, it might just be the stick moving, not the gearbox.



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Herc is correct on both counts. 1 gearbox mounting at the rear of the box. If you have had oil leaks over the years the rubber can give up and become soft or split from the plates. As for the gear lever, again as Herc said, they are prone for the plastic to break up over time. Couple of guys on here did a modification by fitting a ford gear lever with great success. (soldave) Check out his posting and i am sure he will give you any info you need.

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