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A warning about Catalytic Converters

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I have just been informed that one of my Catalytic Converters is breaking down - it has done less than 1000 miles from new (most of which was runnning the engine in) but as I bought them 4 years ago the manufacturer is not interested. I have a car with 145000 miles on it and is 14 years old and it still has the original Cats so am not very impressed. Manufacturer is BM Catalysts ( From my experience I would stay well clear of them - I was not expecting them to just give me a new one but the complete lack of interest over a unit that fails within 1000 miles is disgraceful (in my opinion).

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Manufacturers' warranties are in addition, not replacements, to entitlements in law under the 2015 Consumer Rights Act.  This Act amalgamated the old Sale of Goods Act and Supply of Goods and Services Acts.  The former applies to goods bought before October 2015.  That Act has three pillars:

Goods should be:

1.  As described.

2.  Fit for purpose.

3.  Of satisfactory quality i.e.durable.

It sounds as though 2 and 3 apply to you.

You have up to six years (in England) to make a claim against a supplier.  The supplier might try to brazen it out but, they cannot outlaw the law.  You have an entitlement.  Pursue it.

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Well it now looks like I may have been sold a 'fake' Catalytic converter, in the sense that it does not look like a BM cat. Will know a bit more once I have had a proper look at it - next question will be - Is the other one a fake to?

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i hate catalytic convertors, they Clog up, misfires melt them, and as you have found you get crap ones produced also. So glad the law lets me keep no cats fitted on my 85 v8 due to the car age and not the engines age.!  I just hope the law never changes.!  Hope you get it sorted Marc


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Here in North America one may purchase catcons in either California grade or 49 State grade and my abundantly knowledgeable mechanic informs us that the 49 State bunch are crap. Perhaps this may shed some light on your outcome, Marc?

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