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A carb question or two...


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Greetings all,

So recently my S2 got it's clutch problem resolved and I put a new radiator in it. :beer:

This after it sat from June to January (although, I would start it monthly and let get to temp).

Even with the weather here in the Pacifiic NW, I have been able to get her out a couple of times.

And oh, is she sweet. My clutch so smooth and cooler temps all around. :beer:

But, after my last drive, I noticed a little more gas smell in the air (and yes, I've replaced the fuel breather hose).

I inspected the engine and spotted some leaking from the nearest carb (I have Dell Orto's).

I also read in another post about an S2, a PO, and an engine fire due to a carb leaking on the distro cap.

I figure this is indeed a safety issue and it needs to get to my mechanic. Can drive it there (a 10min highway drive) or should I just get it towed (again).

I can't post pics right now as my wife took the camera to work and won't be home til later. The leak is rather small, but noticeable. It seems to have only dripped on the carb itself.

The engine had a re-build (including carbs) in '83, so guess I'd be getting my carbs re-built? What should I expect with that process as far a labour, parts, process, etc?

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,


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I dont think its a good idea to be driving the car anywhere with a fuel leak.

The leak could be caused by any one of a number of things, the fuel line might be loose or perished, the gaskets could be hard and loosing there sealing abilities(banjo washer?), or the float could be stuck down allowing the float bowl to overfill (poss dirt in the float bowl needle valve, or a bad float) or the worse one for an Esprit fire, the accelerator pump diaphragm(s) leaking.

A carb rebuild usually consists of a complete dissasembly, thourough cleaning of the carb body (externally and internally), cleaning out all the passages and orofices , checking of the floats(to make sure they arent perforated), butterfly shaft play, and a re -assembly, re-setting the float height , all new gaskets, filter and seals, accelerator pump diaphragm etc.

If your mechanic is compitent he could do it himself, or you may want to send them away to a specialist If he doesnt feel up to the task.

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Nooooo! If it's leaking fuel from your carbs then switch it off now! The fuel ends up dripping onto the distributor (y'know, where all those sparks fly around?) and then ......woooof. (Been there, done that and it wasn't even my car I was driving at the time)

Trailer it to your spanner bloke, even though it's only up the road.

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The Devil's in the distributor!

I suggest installing a crank triggered system similar to the Electromotive HPV-1, I have installed on my Esprit. This would allow you to retain all original parts to revert it back; and provide peace of mind by virtually eliminating the fire hazard. Plus you get full adjustability of the timing curve, and rev limiter, a hotter spark, etc. Then if you leak fuel out of your carbs it will fall harmlessly downwards w/o igniting on the way.

It is well worth a look.

Cheers, Lee

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