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HVAC and Radio electrical problem in 90 Esprit

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My AC is fully charged and blows cold. But recently while driving, the fan and AC will just turn off and stop working or blowing. It may come back on in a few minutes, or it may not come back on until the next time I drive it. The radio does the same thing, and some days I can only choose between one of the two working, either radio or AC.  Today while sitting at a light with the windows down I decided to roll them up because the AC was working. The additional electrical load from raising the window caused the AC to turn off. Not slow down the fan speed, completely turn off.

Any ideas?



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If it's all worked OK for you previously I'd suggest its likely to be an earthing problem  or possibly that your alternator is not working quite as well as it should.

The earths (black wires) are typically terminated with bullet connectors pushed into a cheap 4 way connector which is in turn wired to a "proper" bolt down earth point . I think in your car  the bolt down earth for the accessories will be under the dash on one of the A pillars, on my RHD  G car its on the passenger side. Solution is to clean up the bullets  the 4 way connector and the ring connectors on all the wires attached to the bolt down earth point with some fine sand paper and re connect. You could also  run new separate earth wires direct from the bolt down earthing point to each of the affected items. Maybe do just the radio first to see if that runs uninterrupted when it might previously have switched off and then do the others

If cleaning the earth points doesn't help it may be that you need to look at replacing  the alternator with something a bit more powerful. Not sure what was fitted originally to your one but I'd guess a 70A one would do the job. 

Normally Aspirated - and lovin' it!

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If you have a Valeo alternator the rating is 90 amps...but they are notorious for low output at low RPMs.


Many have upgraded to to Bosch AL49X which has a 90 amp output also, but seems more robust at lower engine speeds.


Anyway, you have a voltmeter, right? What voltage are you getting when the components cut out?

Atwell Haines

'88 Esprit

Succasunna, NJ USA

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