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Esprit on Channel 5

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Thanks for the interesting info, George. My comment was meant to be "tongue in cheek," but I'm always up for educational moments.:)

Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose.

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Friday, 2nd September at 8pm - "Cars That Made Britain Great" - 1st episode features the Austin Healey 3000 and the Esprit,  .

Was good but a bit short - great to see the footage of the silver Turbo Esprit driven by Margaret Thatcher........where did they find that?! Pretty sure that was Colin Chapman's car before he made the

Forget the esprit - did he get to dip into Jodie’s pants ??

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Soon as I hit send I realised I'd worn a tux to the circus John :rolleyes:

Hey while I have you (and not meaning to hijack) I see Europa amongst your cars. I saw one on a video with an interesting badge on the back, can you shed any light on it?


Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 13.54.21.png

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As my Europa has gone to a new home some time ago, I can't run out to the garage and refresh myself on what the Federal number plate "plinth" looks like, but I don't recall a mesh fixture on the back of the car.

Here's a picture I lifted from a brief internet search (showing a right hand drive example, but what looks to be identical exterior construction to Federal), which happens to be the exact colour that my Europa was (pinstripes and all:)). The view of the back is not particularly stellar, but it doesn't appear to be anything like the earlier model depicted in your post. 


Bottom line, I can't "shed any light" on the matter, George. We'll have to await some other more anorak oriented soul's input.

Does the "Press Esc to exit full screen" emblem change the mesh plinth to "solid?":X

Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose.

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On 9/2/2016 at 21:48, Dan E said:

Tim Shaw off Car SOS, his wife sold his Esprit on eBay for I think something like £2 after he asked Jodie Marsh to marry him on his radio show. 


I've seen this story several times. My understanding (IIRC) is she was the registered keeper. 

But as she was not the legal owner, she didn't have the rights to sell it-or was it marital property? 

Every time I see the story I wonder about this.....Anyone know better?


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Ah i remember this,  jesus it was years ago,   I never knew it was the bloke of diy sos though,  Always just thought it was some radio DJ who was trying to get into Jodie Marshes pants :P


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