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To put wheels that held air in them on that would be total heresy!


Bloody hell Chris, this was supposed to go under Barrie's pic, now more BBS (Butt-ugly But Seal)!


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I'll take this opportunity to recommend to everyone that they avoid Pristine Wheels like the plague. Until then, Exhibit A: Exhibit B: I rest my case your honour.  

Exhibit D  

Oh Hi Jonny!       Hope your all good!   upload pics     image hosting over 5mb

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I knew dry sumps ride lower but always thought that was set by the suspension, not with pneumatic assistance :P



I'll get around to it at some point.

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  • Gold FFM

Please leave me alone :angry: Jonny PM me ( I didn't say that did I) 

anyone want to buy some gold BBS ( that didn't happen ) 

none of this happening 

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I have BBS on my car. But I agree  Compomotives are nicer because they are more filigree.

But the diferent is not so big that there would be a  need  to change existing wheels on a car.


If you want to set a sign with BBS wheels take this size:




Lotus Esprit Rad 3.JPG

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9 hours ago, Trevsked said:

Yes, trouble is all the V8 owners are too busy driving their cars to look on EBay :-)

We are all too busy playing with the pedels with our feet and steering wheel with our hands !!! Wheels that hold air are great

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Only here once

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@The Pits - Nice try :turned: - but I don't like those at all - way too shiny, I'd have to polish them

I prefer BBS wheels, and mine are simply painted (as they were from new). I have had them refurbished at the same place as yours weren't :)


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