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Esprit and someone called Teigan

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Can we draw a line under this now?

I suggest that we stick this sorry episode and the wally to the back of our minds and move on.

Will do boss :P



Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed. : Albert Einstein

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can you just delete this thread altogether bibs? flush it down the pan with his namme


Also if you can take my stance, stop posting there, without us lot looking in

it would be left for those morons to rattle around with no feed and no audience.

It's hard, and god i wanted to post this week, but it's a complete waste of time.

Even with Mike telling the guy, he's still inanely standfast in his stubborness. There

is nothing to be gained by replying to him.

For my part, i don't believe Teigan and DeeCee are for real as no-one could be

like that and live to an adult age. Teigan must be winding us up, and sitting very

happily with the results. DeeCee, if he's really like that, need us to leave him alone

as he's obviously a very disturbed individual and we do not help his mental state.

My last post was the second in over twelve months, and the last ever. It's only

the strangely compelling attraction of toying with these guys that keeps that forum

busy, if it can be called that...

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Pauls dead right.

After reading what was posted there about Mr.Kimberley I was bloody furious (to put it mildly)

They just seem to get a kick from annoying people in a highly childish way.

I for one dont think any of it is a positive contribution to the Lotus Esprit hobby (which thanks to them seems to be getting more bizzare by the minute. :P

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Right now I can't wait for the spring to get here so I can drive my car. I'd love to be able to put some wind over the bonnet. I couln't care less if it doesn't disperse or flow over the car in a certain way. I do know when I drive it, it's a great feeling. Isn't that part of the reason for owning one to enjoy it.

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I couldn't agree more Bibs. It appears from reviewing the post, that it has only made teigan more popular and notorious, in a weird, twisted way. Everyone is @ odds here, and he is probably sitting back laughing.

The post should be deleted in it's entirety.

Agreed, by even mentioning the name you are giving credibility ..............I move that once someone has been that much out of order to get himself banned then his name should never be mentioned on here again,no matter what subject he may lead in with.

Barred ? ........ Then keep out of my pub because you will eventually re-offend.

As an ex Licensee, I speak from experience......... :P


"Neglect not thy opportunities"

Martock ,Somerset. 1661

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I Quote.

"the vertical panels are also reinforced with glass mat. they were

not injected moulded, as someone incorrectly stated. injection

moulding can only be done on heat formed plastics. the fiero panel

shapes are chemically set, because heat formable plastics deform in

full sun. the reason everything is smooth front and back on a fiero

is the laminates were dry layed then vacuum infused."

I though Lotus used injection moulding on GRP- i think it's even been mentioned here at some point.

Oh I feel like causing him to get upset- How could I do that?

I know , I'll post this link....

Then, once blue touch paper has been lit, dowsed in fuel and supplied with lots of oxygen I'll run.....


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Topics merged and closed. Teigan is a prize wally, end of story and there's no need for us to darken our lives with his insignificant and annoying one.

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