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Anyone got a Golf GTI/GTD with DSG

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I decided today to get rid of the E63 as I just can't justify it anymore I also need a sensible car really as business miles are now going through the roof and 16 mpg aren't cutting it anymore. Now I have only had Merc's for the last 20 years with a couple of lotus's so Clarkson always says if you need a car buy a golf, it needs to be auto so does anyone have one a DSG. I have read up a bit this afternoon and it would appear the GTI is fav against the GTD I am happy to take the mpg on the petrol one. 

Probably completely the wrong forum but in many ways it is also the right one. 

Any comments would be appreciated 


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We should all now be thinking about buying British, would you not consider the Jag XF 3.0 d, 275bhp 45mpg Clarkson also rates the Jag.

@JG220ran a GTD for a good few thousand miles. Manual though. Now runs a DSG Audi A6 so can probably shed light on both the car and the gearbox.

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I have to drive through the Blackwall Tunnel pretty much everyday so that's why I need an auto. My last hatch back was a 1900 205 GTI so a tad out of touch. Just interested in some Lotus people telling me how it is 

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I did 80,000 miles in mine from new. It was a manual, not a DSG (though i have DSG on my A6 now). 

I absolutely loved it. They were pretty hard miles, and nothing fell off, it never stopped working, returned a sensible MPG and was really pretty quick. 

The only thing i didn't like was that it was a bit noisy, at higher speeds on the motorway. 

I replaced it with a new A6 Sline which i like rather less, but it is quieter and the DSG is better than a manual for an everyday car. 

I'd have thought a GTD DSG would be excellent. 

Might as well have an R though if you go petrol. I don't really get the point of the Gti anymore

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We have the Golf R as a run about with DSG. Had a look the other day for the first time since we got it 2 years ago - long term average is 38mpg. We don't drive it conservatively. We bought it as a short term car expecting to replace but as we both rather like it so it's stayed.

the gearbox is fine; very competent and quick if that's what you are looking for. We had a 981 PDK before that - I feel it was quicker but also could be a little aggressive in sport+ mode, but we sold because it was not engaging to drive and got another Elise. 

Manual mode is pretty good, I've taken it to the Alps and had a blast, I have had the transmission lock on manual downshifts when braking into corners a couple of times like it forgot to rev match but other than that no issues. 

It's a no brainier if you are sitting in traffic or commuting. We'd do the same again but put more options on the car. In contrast we have the latest RS6 which is not dual clutch, it's not quite got the break neck gear change but as an auto I don't think it lacks anything as a result. But then we don't tend to hammer either cars. 

Let me know if you want any info. 

R/GTI/GTD seem great cars and loaded with options to start which is good. All low insurance because of crash detection as standard. 

Lotus Register -

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